Stuff I’ve made


directed and co-shot by Bret Hoy
dp. David Pitt
sound mix. Justin Fisher
composer. Tyler Durham

Lingua Francas

For better or worse, food is an expression of who we are as a society. Every day we make choices about what we eat, how we eat and who we eat with-- whether that's picked up at a drive through or at the grandma's dining room table on Thanksgiving, food matters so much more to culture than we recognize.

Lingua Francas is about how food is a language that we can all understand. Despite our communities becoming larger and larger, food is still able to cut through everything else and provide a sense of local culture— whether that culture is in Copenhagen, Denmark or Springfield, Missouri.

Climb So Ill Member Profiles

I have had so many conversations about what it means to be a director and they all seem to come back to one common misconception. People tend to think that directing is only about having a clear vision. While that is one element of directing, the other is being able to communicate and create that vision through the action and words of another person, through the cinematography, and through the rhythm of a cut.

I directed this video for the Climb So Ill, to highlight their products and the services they provide, but of course, that’s just the plot. It’s not the story itself. The true story is what I attempted to bring out of them during the interviews. It’s about how the gym changes not your physique, but your mind.

directed, co-shot, and edited by Bret Hoy

directed, written, and edited by Bret Hoy
dp. David Pitt

the father, the son

The father, the son is an existential horror set on the Flint Hills in 1870s Kansas. After his son dies to starvation, the father finds himself the final surviving member of a group that intended to survive and stake their claim to land in the prairie. Inexplicably, the son arrives back on earth after being buried. From there, the two have to reckon with the consequences of death and rebirth, and the looming presence of yet another inevitable death.

This film documents a small slice of the generational frustration of how one should live. When we regiment what one ought to live for, we deny ourselves the ability to comprehend the spectrum of human existence. Just as the father looks to the afterlife to give reason to the suffering in the world, the son looks and sees… something else. That crisis is one that matters not just in a thematic conversation regarding this film—it is the friction created by a conscious life.

both videos edited, and shot by Bret Hoy

Bret Hoy is the editor and creator of the Monolith Medium Literary Journal

Monolith Medium Literary Journal

The goal of Monolith Medium was to create a space and a series of essays and reviews that, “explore transcendent moments in film.” I’ve always been interested in film not just as an entertainment medium, but as a true art form. One that communicates important, relevant issues in ways unlike any other medium. In my essays, I explore Darwinism, Bad Faith, Parallel Realities, and Authenticity, all through the lens of films like Toy Story, No Country For Old Men, and Synecdoche, New York.

Hoy Creative 2019 Reel

We’re not in the industry of pretty images. The goal is always to create something that’s more than the sum of its parts, yet in our reels we rely too heavily on the look and feel of an image instead of showing the real story. Well, this is a real story. It’s not a pretty story, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Bret Hoy 2016 Reel

It may not be as recent as I’d like, but this reel still encapsulates what I want to get out of not only the videos I shoot, but the videos I direct. There must be a message and a reason to why we’re here, making whatever it is that we’re making. Keeping focused on that singular thesis always results in a video that resonates.

One Note // Mini-Documentary

In St. Louis, MO, Mark Sarich and the members of El Sistema/Orchestrating Diversity empower under privileged youth to use music to relate to society.

One of my personal heroes, Mark Sarich leads this orchestra. Working with Mark on two films has been life-changing. He personifies passion— he cares. His enthusiasm for life and unique ability to empathize is impossible to ignore.

More examples of my work are available via request— just get in touch.