It was Monday night in the early 2000's, and I was up in my parents room watching Monday Night Football. The Chiefs were on, and for one reason or another, I decided to switch the channel. After clicking through the channels on the tube, I landed on something that I had never seen before. Iron Chef. You may laugh, but the exaggerated drama of the show instantly pulled me in and it gave me one of my many passions. Cooking. Years later and fourteen seasons of Good Eats later, I'm still incredibly passionate about it.

I met Daniel through my wife's friend MaryJane. I first was introduced to his creativity through his award winning writing, but eventually I learned that his true passion was food. After years of following his travels and my mouth watering looking at pictures of his creations, he started up his own pop-up restaurant: Progress.

Progress is more than just a pop-up restaurant-- it's an experience with an important message. That message is reflected in the menu created by Daniel and his partners Cassidy and Michael "Jersey". The theme behind the 7 course meal that was offered on August 26th and 27th was, "Time and Place." The time being summer and the place being Springfield, Missouri. 

The decisions made behind the menu relates directly to Daniel's message about what food in Springfield and the Midwest can be.

While our shoot on this short film actually started on August 21st with our first trip down to Springfield, the shoot officially started on August 26th, the first day of Progress' Pop-Up at Urban Roots Farm. This project will continue over the coming months and will result in a short film, marketing materials for the pop-up as well as an video menu.

Here are some examples of the footage captured of two of the seven courses being prepared for the guests of Progress. The first shoots of many. Here's to pretty images and good food. 

Progress // Pork Belly Chimichurri

Progress // Grilled Peach Sorbet